'36 Legs'




This piece shows 3 research areas that I am concerned about. The first one is the female body. My research is looking at how the female body has been represented in the past and how it has developed since then. During this process I explore the female body and form. I am inspired by Ana Mendieta, and how she uses the female silhouette in her art. As a female artist she uses her own body as a medium, we can contrast how men used to treat the female form as an object, and now how women can use their own body as a something more than an object. Mendieta created her own identity that is not about being a beautiful object. She created a new and different perspective to view the female body and widened the way women could be. This is something that I want to do as well. I relate to this idea of the female identity.


In the past photographers used the female form as a thing of beauty and as an aesthetic object. Mendieta went against this idea and used the symbol of the female body in a different way, to talk about other things. How the female body can be a symbol to create a strong voice in the art world. I am interested in how the female body has developed from being an object to being something else instead of just an object. 


Second is the about the journey. I am influenced by the performance art movements from action paintings to Gutai, who is one of the most important founders of the contemporary movement art. This kind of performance art broke away from the 2D and gave a freedom in using raw materials combined with the body. This is interesting because the process of making the art is more important than the final result and artwork. 


All of my artworks contain a performative process and I use photography/ video to record them. This is a performance and also a documentation of my journey. The process of performance is gone when it is done, so I use documentation to try and represent this process. Performance is ephemeral and i try to capture the trace of performance in my photographs.


The third is about "why do I always show legs in my artwork?". I think that women have always been sexualised by others focussing on their breasts or face. So I always cover the face and the torso and I only show the legs and the vagina. By doing this I can make others think about the pure idea of sex and identity. It can be any woman because I separate the face from the body. It is just one body organ. I like to use legs because we travel around and walk with our legs. And I want to trace the journey of the woman. Once you can walk you can go further and travel and have a certain freedom.This journey, this travelling is a performance that I want to record.


In my work I comment on how the female body has been used in the past and how it has developed.

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