- Ai Wei Wei


When I researched  Ai Wei Wei I found this photo 'A woman flashing in front of Tianman Square' in the 1940's. And it is similar to my lifting skirt project. I want to talk about the difference and the similarity compared with my work.



We are both flashing in famous or political places. This was forbidden for women to do this in the 1960's and it is against the Chinese traditions of women's behaviour. And my work is about flashing all over the world and in political places and I am testing the level of freedom in each country and against the rules of the society and culture.


Differences: Ai Wei Wei is photographing the woman, And I photograph myself. I am the first person experience and he is the third person. Therefore my work is a personal statement.  He told his lover to flash and she obeyed him. even though it is a protest it is still a woman being an object and is the male's point of view. This is not her choice completely and for me this is my journey and I choose to do this myself.


Ai Wei Wei was influenced by Dadaism at that time so his motivation more about breaking the rules and deconstructing to reconstruct in this period. My work is influenced by Marina Abramovic and other performance artists by using the body to perform as a strong social voice. He focusses on the forbidden more and I look at freedom more.

I am inspired by my personal journey and I travelled around the world using the same action so I am comparing rules rather than breaking the rules of all the different countries.


I am talking about the female identity and he does not talk about the female identity. For him it is just about breaking a rule about women in the society and what they expect from women. But my work is about myself and an individual identity and how I see myself through the different cultural backgrounds and to seek freedom.


Ai Wei Wei's work is strong about society, but very few people in China know about him. We are both using art works to protest. And as a researching reference I learned about my direction as an artist in the future. We have a similar theme and want to have a strong voice in society.

she shows the importance of showing emotion through body language, which reveals that the contemporary society still needs the same things as before. She got all her dancers in her group are from different countries, including Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, Russian, Italian, English, German, Polish. She got a wider picture about human beings through this diverse group working with her and informing her too.

In my opinion I liked the show because I think it had real emotion. It was very intense because Pina really thought it was important to show the emotion and she was connected with her team. I want to show this in my work too. A real emotion.

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