More Female symbol more connection


Tiltle: 36 Legs



This piece shows 3 research areas that I am concerned about. The first one is the female body. My research is looking at how the female body has been represented in the past and how it has developed since then. During this process I explore the female body and form.......Second is the about the journey

Concept & Develop

Nov.- Jan.2014

Animation & New proposal for my live performance: ‘The Statue Of Liberty Quits’


Theme: Since the pratical process of creating female silhouettes within different inviement. I realize the recognizable patterm can be more push to an icon symbol. But how an icon symbol paly within a society which has to inteact with audians and public works? has Become to my new reaserching question. 

In the beginning I  tried to connect my inner self  on the way I research my body in the nude issue. Then I designed the 'lifting skirt action' by coincidence. Then I tried to connect the action to the social environment. From this connection to the society I tried to make my action in more exaggerated and overstated way,like being a statue ,being a celebrity as famous as Marilyn Monroe. 

Filming&Culture Exploration


'It is natural to look for the difference between here and there, and in you and I. But it is more encouraging to realize how similar we are.'


During the travelling performance I found the artists who inspired my ideas like I saw the Chinese exhibition of artist in Florence, Italy who were the first generation of Chinese performance artists (Zhang Huan). This helped me because he showed his exhibition all over the world and he had lived in different countries during his lifetime and this is inspired me and showed me how the Chinese artist are involved in the global art world. That way he found his identity.

Travel Plans& Culture Exploration

June- September 2013

I began the huge travel plans and I had to go through my visa application process. I chose 3 different kinds of countries. I chose England for the West. Chine in the East. Iran for the Middle East and Italy, France and Switzerland to represent my European experience. I chose different environments because they are famous tourist scenes, they have huge impressive natural scenery and they have very sensitive government politics. I filmed myself lifting my skirt in all these countries. Sometimes I used a tripod and other times I asked passerbys to film me. Sometimes I became friends with the people who I asked.How the audience and the passerbys reacted to this was the interesting part of my piece. Even though the actions I made are the same I still feel very challeneged infront of different social cultures and envirnoments.  So during this challenging process I realized how the different cultures and people affect me. 



March – June 2013


I explored the printing of the recording of the nude photography of myself. From this step I did a lot of exploration of what ways I can do the photography. I learned how to make lots of different effects with the printing. I am happy that I have found the best way to show the digital photography print. The effect looks good because it has the appearance of being between photography and painting. And also I make the print like a poster, which adds a pop element to it. I want to make it more commercial to the audience. Also Pop art is part of the culture and inspired me to make my poster, with the nude subject. After the first year I plan the next step for my work to, which is the filming of my performance and continued from the poster. The picture of me lifting my skirt in the poster is what I want to do in my film. 

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The First Experiment By using My own Body


Title :Three young Chinese women


Collaborative work: 

Performers: Angela li zhenxiang, Ewa zimo,Eva sisi

Image edit:Angela li zhenxinag 


Photographer: Li yue,Huang xinyi,Loke Luller 

Audiance: Ming xuan

Public Nude Performance


Title: I asked audience to take off my pants and underwear

Elbow Room- performance showcase in Wimbledon College


They all have different reactions, more strongly than what i expected. Some followed my orders without any thought. Some people refused strongly and some asked "why?". And more of the audience questioned me why with strong emotions. Their curiosity and confusion and misunderstanding makes me know how they want to know the answer so much of why i want to be naked. In that moment I see the fear of the concept of naked and the fear of unknowing. Someone said "give us a reason why we should do it?!". So I tell them  "reason stops action".

A test combine mental and physical meditation


Title: Meditation in a rubbish bag 


Poetry: Angela li zhenxiang

Time: 60mins

Photographer &Video: Angela lizhenxiang

Audiance: All  MFA people


Poetry and Analysis

Multi media experiment test


Title: Re-experience Being Born


Performer: Angela li zhenxiang

Image edit:Angela li zhenxinag

Time: repeat
Photographer &Video: Angela lizhenxiang​

Animation post production: collaboration with Li weiyi
Instalation: Vagina tube(unfinished)


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