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Ai Wei Wei

Human Rights


When I researched  Ai Wei Wei I found this photo 'A woman flashing in front of Tianman Square' in the 1990's. And it is similar to my lifting skirt project. I want to talk about the difference and the similarity compared with my work.



We are both flashing in famous or political places. This was forbidden for women to do this in the 1990's and it is against the Chinese traditions of women's behaviour. And my work is about flashing all over the world and in political places and I am testing the level of freedom in each country and against the rules of the society and culture.


Marina Abramovic’s ’512 Hours’ at the serpentine. Vogue Magazine article. 13 June 2014 by Louisa McGillicuddy

Energy of the Present

Marina says that "We rarely think about the present. We plan the future and reflect on the past but this show is about now. Our concentration is disastrous because of technology - we can't even watch a TV programme without changing the channels. That is why I want people to leave all of their devices in these lockers, and to come as they are. We have to learn to take time for ourselves. I think this world we live in is so not right; as an artist this is my way of trying to change the public consciousness.


I also did a meditation piece to connect myself with the audience and the space and to create a certain energy. and what I learned from my practice is it is very difficult. And I pushed myself to my limits. 

Ana Mendieta-Exhibition

‘Traces’ Hayward Gallery Nov 2013

She finds her own symbol as the outline of her body shape, The silhouette combined to the natural environment gives her work a strong identity. She has a very developed idea and concept of using her symbolic silhouette to a very deep philosophy and psychological field. As she said“I have been carrying on a dialogue between the landscape and the female body based on my own silhouette. My art is grounded on the belief in one universal energy, which runs through everything from insect to man, from man to spectre, from spectre to plant, from plant to galaxy.”

Tracey Emin- BBC Hardtalk with Stephen Sackur Interview 2013

Art is about Truth


When I talked to her, I really know how important to be honest and be truth.


From the interview ,I can see how an artist views her old pieces. The Interviewer asked her "Why don't you make more beds to shock people again?" and she smiled and replied " I am not twenty-something anymore". "Can you relate to the bed anymore?", she said it was "a part of me ". She also mentioned about time passing and she revealed all the works she has done and said that she said she has a new point view of what she thought was right at that time. Such as love. She feels differently about it today.I think as an artist you need to deal with an audience and you need to be able to criticise your own works objectively. 


Brian Chalkley.

Book launch at Chelsea College of Art.


He was interviewed at Chelsea College dressed as Dawn. I was told that he likes to dress for fun and not because he is a cross dresser. This taught me that as an artist you cannot define you are. There is no fixed identity. I can see from his paintings that heines so many charactes togethe

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Qu Zhi Hang

Performance Artist

The action he chooses of Push ups as his symbol and is related to his identity and nobody can copy him.  It is a healthy concept which is accepted by most people even by Chinese society. This makes his being naked less of an issue with the Chinese people.  He is very successful choosing this positive action  so that he will not offend the political government.

 And the way he films himself, he used his own professional skills as a photographer and a news reporter, so he knew how to record different environments because of his experience as if to record the news. He mentioned he recorded 8 minutes to finish the whole process including arriving on the location and undress and film and then get dressed and run away from security men. It was a risky process for him to make this video because nudity is not accepted in China.


Thinking With The Body

Exhibition at the Euston Wellcome Collection


The concept for this exhibition is brilliant because Wayne Mcgregor is well know for his physically testing choreography firstly. He uses dance, film, music, visual art, technology and science to make something very new. He embarked on a series of projects investigating aspects of creativity in dance involving researchers from other fields like cognitive and social science.
It is very convincing becausehe uses different disciplines to stady the question. It is very interesting because He uses emotion, sensation and action to learn how to communicate to others.

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