May 2012 - April2014

I began the huge travel plans and I had to go through my visa application process. I chose 3 different kinds of countries. I chose England for the West. China in the East. Iran for the Middle East and Italy, France and Switzerland to represent my European experience. I chose different environments because they are famous tourist scenes, they have huge impressive natural scenery and they have very sensitive government politics. I filmed myself lifting my skirt in all these countries. Sometimes I used a tripod and other times I asked passerbys to film me. Sometimes I became friends with the people who I asked. How the audience and the passerbys reacted to this was the interesting part of my piece. Even though the actions I made are the same I still feel very challenged infront of different social cultures and environments.  So during this challenging process I realized how the different cultures and people affect me. And how I can liberate myself from all these outside elements by doing the same action. This became a healing process for me because the action I used was like a winner’s arms outstretched and by stretching my body it is like an exercise, and a big action and after that I feel physically better.  


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