Professional skills


-SUArts chelsea college of art exhibition.

I coordinated the whole show. I curated, designed the poster, technical hanging of all the work. I also talked to many people about my art. I learned how important it is to discuss my work with others and to get useful feedback and ideas from the audience to improve my work.

I know how to make a complete show as I had to organise everything along with my classmate Chloe Chow.

I learned how to collaborate with artists and to manage the show and time and to work quickly because we only had 4 days to install the work.

I advertised the show on facebook and by networking, posters and fliers.


I was also involved in a 2nd SUArts exhibition 'Home is where the art is' with a first year MFA student. I learned how to manage the time for my live performance show. And also to involve the audience in my performance. I learned that I like to do live performance and it suits my way of working.


-Chelsea Salon exhibition

I learned to have a bigger network with other artists is very important because it's a good way to develop my own ideas. By meeting others who understand my work and I can collaborate with them and also they can enhance my work. It opens up more opportunities for me too.


Poster design

I designed poster for the SUArts show .I also designed the MFA degree show for my interest (This one didn't publish). I learned how to convey information effectively. I really enjoyed the graphic design part of this as I had to include all the relevant information and work quickly in Photoshop. I also realised I can make very professional looking posters.

I also got to be very creative in this process, which I really enjoyed. The MFA class said it was attractive and also represented the class well.


Future plans

After I graduate I want to collaborate with other artists to make small exhibitions. I am planning to do one in hackney with some mfa students in August.

I also want to apply for artist residencies in London or other countries. This is how I will get more experience and also it relates to my researching interests in different cultures.




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