- Marina Abramovic-

Marina Abramovic’s ’512 Hours’ at the serpentine. Vogue Magazine article. 13 June 2014 by  Louisa McGillicuddy



Marina says that "We rarely think about the present. We plan the future and reflect on the past but this show is about now. Our concentration is disastrous because of technology - we can't even watch a TV programme without changing the channels. That is why I want people to leave all of their devices in these lockers, and to come as they are. We have to learn to take time for ourselves. I think this world we live in is so not right; as an artist this is my way of trying to change the public consciousness."


This relates to my work about connection with others and myself. We are so distracted by the modern world and we fail to connect with each other as humans. I ike that Marina is spontaneous and she keeps her work simple. It is about basic human connection. This is what I want to do with my work.


"I also did a meditation piece to connect myself with the audience and the space and to create a certain energy. and what I learned from my practice is it is very difficult. And I pushed myself to my limits".


She is a good example of an artist who pushes herself for her art. She is about energy and it is about art as a healing force for herself and other people. for the universe. This is the direction I want to take with my work. It is about starting from myself to connect with everybody.She is very human and cares about others even in her art. She is a living art work. There is no separation. she transfers energy and touches people and transforms the energy in others.


"I don't identify as a female artist. When people ask me, are you a female artist? I say I'm female for sure, but I'm not a "female artist" - I am just an artist. I really work in the context of art."


This gave me another perspective about identity in art. It is not necessary to follow the labels of man or woman or to limit yourself with this label.You can be more than this. 


"Art shouldn't become a commodity. $142 million for a Francis Bacon?! It's such a huge amount of money that when you see the painting, you don't see art, but money, which is a huge mistake. The future of twenty-first century art is art without objects."



I agree with this view of art. We develop too many products and technology and materialism and we need to go back to the essential way of life, which is about how you feel. The things that are invisible and within.  I am against the ideas of fixed objects, if its women or anything else. I want to make people to really look at the soul of the person. This is who they are.


I learned that these great artist are always about giving something to the world. They are concerned about society and their responsibility especially if they are well known. I think it is important to have humanity in art. I am against the object and more about the inner feeling.


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