Title: Meditation in a rubbish bag


Poetry: Angela li zhenxiang

Time: 60mins

Photographer &Video: Angela lizhenxiang

Audiance: All  MFA people



​You  happy, I happy.

You sad, I sad.
You are in me, I am part of you, we are connected so deep.
Some times I like the  air, the soil, the ground, the stone, the rain, the laughs and tears on your face.
Now I am still here.
Just in this way It is right to feel you like I feel myself.
Close my eyes,
We are one.




In this piece of work,I did a meditation in a rubbish bag in the corridor for 60mins. I try to communicate the concept of connection.  In my research concept : Meditation is the best way to connect yourself with others. Also as an international student, I try to find the connection with the new cultural environment. This also be parts of my identity project.
The poem I wrote is about my feeling. You happy, I happy. You sad, I sad. You are in me. I am part of you. We are connected so deep. Even you can not see me, can not recognize me, or ignore me like what you did yesterday. But I am in parts of you. Just here, I am still here, Because I want to feel you deeply and deeply like I feel myself, I hope you will enjoy the conversation between us. Then, take the smell and footprint travel far away.


The reason why I chose a black rubbish bag to hide myself  in is because I want to show the idea of how people usually cannot see themselves, and cannot recognize themselves, or ignore themselves in a unknown way.

In the assessment, The audience gave me really good feed back.I have learned that: How Important it is to organize the performance in a right way for audience .And I need to think more about the materials I use, which will influence my concept more than I thought. Also I need to  think more about how to explain the idea to  the audience and how to develop this piece of art in the future.

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