Title: I asked audience to take off my pants and underwear


Elbow Room- performance showcase in Wimbledon College



In Elbow room I did a spontaneous performance. At first I walk randomly onto the stage for 5 minutes. then I stopped and asked the audience to take off my trousers and underwear. After 10 minutes I achieved this goal. 

process: In the first 5 minutes I just walked on the stage trying to think of what to do next. But what I actually care about is the reaction of the audience and what they are thinking about. I want to test the influence of non-action on the audience.The second part of my performance I tested the audience on the concept of the naked body. 



So i asked someone to take off my trousers. Some people said no, some people said yes. they all have different reactions, more strongly than what I expected. Some followed my orders without any thought. Some people refused strongly, and some asked "why should we?". And more of the audience questioned me why with strong emotions. Their curiosity and confusion and misunderstanding makes me know how they want to know the answer so much of why i want to be naked. In that moment I see the fear of the concept of naked and the fear of unknowing. Someone said "give us a reason why we should do it?!". So I tell them  "reason stops action". Afterwards they stop questioning me and follow my instructions.



What i learned from the feedback:

1) Why did I challenge people in that insecure situation. But actually the performance I did create an insecure emotion for the audience.

2) Some people said the way I asked people to take my clothes off was in a very gentle way and made people easy to accept this issue of nudity.

3) We can see from this performance that the issue of being naked is actually still really not easily accepted by other people since 50 years ago.

4) And I find the performance is more powerful than any art form to create a feeling between myself and the audience.​


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