In the beginning I  tried to connect my inner self  on the way I research my body in the nude issue. Then I designed the 'lifting skirt action' by coincidence. Then I tried to connect the action to the social environment. From this connection to the society I tried to make my action in more exaggerated and overstated way,like being a statue ,being a celebrity as famous as Marilyn Monroe. So I make the animation instead of the statue of liberty as a proposal with the purpose to challenge myself again, and that's how I develeped the concept of my project. 

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Proposal for my live performance: ‘The Statue Of Liberty Quits’

Theme: By looking at my all artworks the thing that relates them all is my recognizable female body with skirt silhouette. Even when in different environments I realize this obvious pattern and I would like to push this as an iconic symbol. But how can this iconic work and symbol play within a society, which has to interact with the public/ audience? This has become my new research question.


Content : live performance at a certain time, with the installation

Scale: 100cmx100comx100cm



Key word 1: street performance

The way the performer mimics a celebrity by painting and dressing themselves like a statue. As a street performance definitely is a way to test the relationship between audience and celebrities.  From the perspective of sociology, people using this way to earn money by using the influence from the celebrity or icon. This shows how important the icon is to the public. I use the popular image of the Statue of Liberty and relate it to myself. But I am not trying to copy her. I am using her status and symbol of freedom to relate this to my own silhouette of female freedom. Therefore this allows me to become some sort of icon.


Key word:2 icon, heroism and Collectivism. Cult of personality in a culture . This is the further theme I will research. Because in China a person has no individual value. It is always about a group, a collective, the politics of communism. Especially a woman cannot be seen as important.


Key word 3: A protest, in a way is using the female nude to catch attention. Because for women in China this is forbidden.


Key word4: Chinese female identity mix with western woman icon. I use the western icon of the Statue of Liberty and I place myself here on her plinth as a chinese woman to show that I have some freedom in the west. The statue of liberty is talking about immigrants, giving the freedom to all culture backgrounds to be together. And this is what my work is about, to connect with different cultures.


Key word5: imitating a statue: testing the high and low status of the icon. When I place myself on the plinth and I am a statue I have elevated myself to a higher status and I can have something to say. When I am on the ground I am an ordinary woman with less of a voice.




Place: foyer ( Lois highly recommended to me)

Time: 10 mins in every hour from 5pm to 8pm

Installation: A plinth, a suspended skirt, an ankle chain. a book and a torch

Performance:  lower half nudity, I am painted in a statue colour, standing still for 10 mins.

Stage of making: I have made the plinth to stand on and the torch and book. This will be together with my documentary videos shown elsewhere to show the journey that leads to this performance piece.



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