Title :Three Chinese Women

I call this ''CONNECTION'.

"Although, I feel fear when we were so closed.But, god will tell ,you are all my daughters!"

Collaborative working: 

Performer: Angela li zhenxiang, Ewa zimo,Eva sisi

Image edit:Angela li zhenxinag 


Photographer: Li yue,Huang xinyi,Loke Luller 

Audiance: Ming xuan


This project is about exploring the theme of identity,
particularly gender identity within a culture. This idea developed from a performance I did alongside two other Chinese women. My aim was to show the power, liberty and connection of people.


In this 120mins performance with myself Eva zimo,Eva sisi, Li yue, Huangxinyi, Loke luller and Ming xuan,we 7 people experienced a wonderful time. As I said to them: "To my dear friends, I want to present the whole of myself to you all. because I love you". That was not just a case of studying body art, It was a communication of love and trust. 

I used these mediums: camera, video, performance,  and conversation. And the outcomes I have tried to print digitally and traditional methods, which can be better quality. I have tried post production to edit Images and video. I also tried to tell the story about this performance.


The second tutorial with Geraint Evans, I learned more deeply about the artist Nicolas Bourriaud and Rirkrit Tiravanja and Grizdale. They all inspired me to open my mind to know how performance art affects the world. It leads me to think about the relationship between myself and the audience. The issue of nudity led me to investigate the issue of gender and culture. especially with my identity as a young Chinese woman.

Although the outcome of the images are good, I still feel the process of performance is more important. I hope I can do more body performance in the future.




The First Experiment By using My own Body


In the first experiment I wanted to experience the naked situation.  I wanted to test my body and level of comfort with being photographed naked. I wanted to create a good communication and relationship with my own body.

So I asked a fellow student to watch me perform naked and then take photos of me in the photography room. At the same time we discussed the issues of the naked body. How the naked body influences Art and the acceptability of the nude in the outside real world.

At first I was extremely nervous and uncomfortable. But after the above conversation I felt more at ease because I moved my focus away from nudity to the conversation about it. After I finished the live performance I did the post production and I a surprised that I can see the changes in myself in the photos. In the face and the muscle expressions. This inspired me to do more tests of my body parts.

What I learned from this experiment is that this is the beginning of my performance journey. And this is the best way to explore myself with a real experience with myself.

From what I did I saw the concept of 'shame' with my body and the falsity of my actions. So I used a cloth to half cover myself and I continued to use this method to explore the concept of identity. To explore my fear of nudity.


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