.- Tracey Emin-

BBC Hardtalk with Stephen Sackur Interview 2013


I can see how an artist views her old pieces in this interview. The Sackur asked Emin "Why don't you make more beds to shock people again?" and she smiled and replied " I am not twenty-something anymore". "Can you relate to the bed anymore?", she said it was "a part of me but it is not me anymore". She also mentioned about time passing and she revealed all the works she has done and said that she has a new point view of what she thought was right at that time. Such as love.


She feels differently about it today. "I think as an artist you need to deal with an audience and you need to be able to criticise your own works objectively". She said that "sex is gone" and she wants a quality of life and love, and she really records her life and how things change, the thoughts change, her attitude changes. She has no relationships anymore at the age of 50. Her work is about her developing life, her wisdoms and lessons and her life is her art. She is the art. 


I learned from this interview that it is important to "trust yourself" and have confidence about your work. In an interview you will be asked many questions and she had to talk about her work. She said "it's not about love, it's about a way of living",She is open about herself and that is her art too.


When I met Tracey emin I told her "But so far we cannot get her work in China because there is no translation of her words therefore no interest in her work". She said "that is a good idea to translate to Mandarin"... The reason why she is not in China is firstly her ideas are risky about women and secondly most of her work is based on galleries and interviews. Only those who speak English will have access to her work. so I think that these days the artwork is very isolated to the west. It is not connected to many parts of the world.


In China they do not know about most artists. Artists, even Ai Wei Wei, can only be known in the West and that is not good because then China never learns or sees anything new.  The world has so many places that are open and many that are closed.There is always this different levels of open-mindedness. So it is always a case about money and it is a shame that good artists can only survive in certain countries. I hope that art like a business can spread and be in many other countries and then more people can benefit from the forward thinking ideas for the soul.

When I talked to her.I realized how important it is to be honest and be truthful.

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